Sunday 8 January 2012

reinventing the wheel

Biomimetic robot

The goal was to make a robotic device with the following goals.

very small and compact - 2" diameter
no external moving parts
very low weight - currently 22 g with battery and debug connector
can be made waterproof -wrap in silicone rubber and use inductive charging
will work on slippery surfaces
long battery life
collision avoidance using infrared
can be radio controlled or GPS driven

Here is a Video of a very early prototype made with an Arduino LilyPad.
It is based on using the movement of centrifugal  printed pancake motors.  Further work needed on accurate steering etc.
Prototype currently runs for > 2 hours on one recharge of 3.7V 150mAhr model helicopter Lithium Polymer battery.

End Jan, the graphene will be delivered to Girton Labs and so the low  friction surface can be added onto the actuators.

So far applications are not much more than a cat toy but possible military applications.

Further reference - sidewinder snake movement

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