Tuesday 22 June 2010

Lorry explosion and fire in Girton Cambridge 22/6/2010

We were woken up at 5am with 3 very loud explosions. All I could see from house was black smoke behind the wood. There was a eerie silence, no traffic, no birdsong, no sirens, and no commotion. It was very scary not knowing what was behind the wood. I called  999  and then went to investigate.  The  incident was 200 yards from home. These images taken on an A14 cattle bridge Girton, Cambridge at approx 05:30 facing East. A14 closed in both directions Girton. Street image taken behind hedge from our garden.  There is some fire debris in our garden. There were no injuries, Cambridge Evening News has news on incident   here. 
Update Wed 23/6/10 here 

Incident 500 metres  East of J31

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