Thursday 13 May 2010

SenseCam human memory enhancement on BBC2 TV Eyewitness

12th May 2010 SenseCam, human  memory enhancement camera  invented by Lyndsay Williams, for Microsoft Research  on BBC2 TV as here  The video starts 17 mins  into program. BBC iPlayer for  UK viewers only, and  expires on 19 May 2010, but here  is an shorter 8 minutes edited version here on Youtube

The program shows MRI brain scan of memory enhanced brain. Research by Professor Martin Conway of Leeds University.

I  originally invented SenseCam  for Alzheimer's as described in patent here

Image below shows  memory enhancement in brain using Sensecam., click to enlarge.

Martin Conway and patient.

Contact Lyndsay Williams at or +44 ( 0)  7970 101578 for more details on  SenseCam and later versions.

 More on Lyndsay Williams' research  at Girton Labs.

Saturday 1 May 2010

Philips moving into smell research

Girton Labs has been working with Dr Jenny Tillotson  Sensory Design and Technology for several months on computer control of smell emission   and we now will be working with Dr Jenny Tillotson  and Philips on new smell research as here, scroll down to Philips. This is an   Arts and Humanities Research Council   Knowledge Transfer Fellowship .
Summary of project : Smell The Colour Of The Rainbow: Sensory Systems For Wearable Product Technologies To Reduce Stress And Sleep Disorders here.


Bright sparks

Jenny Tillotson, Senior Research Fellow at CSM has been awarded an AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship (£249,000) to work with Philips Research in Cambridge supported by Dr Raymond Oliver, Senior Research Fellow in Active & Interactive Materials from the RCA. Over the course of a year, they will engage in an active KT programme to explore opportunities resulting from her academic work in areas of interest to Philips Research. The project will also involve Lyndsay Williams' of Girton Labs (inventor of iPhone sensors and Microsoft's ‘Sensecam’ for Alzheimer’s) and smell expert Professor Tim Jacob from the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University.