Monday 3 August 2009

Girton Labs Sensepaper

I am Lyndsay Williams, Managing Director of Girton Labs, Cambridge, England . We design unique hardware sensing platforms for mobile phones and wearable computers.
y I of my new blog, a fine sunny day in Cambridge, and I am working on new printing techniques for my sensesurface project.
this is a hybrid paper computer, 2mm thin.
My printing press keeps smoking and blocking up so I am not
bothering to to put all the screws back in as it is taken apart
so often.

Interesting PowerPoint Talk from Microsoft Research Cambridge on
Talk is using example of "Rita Researcher", her hardware invention and patent on Human Body Networking. Here is my Microsoft Patent on Human Body Networking The PowerPoint explains how and why Microsoft work with Intellectual Property. There aren't many Rita's like that at Microsoft... now :-)
Image of SensePaper prototype - DrinkMe