Thursday 15 October 2009

Microsoft to license Sensecam

I am very pleased indeed to see the SenseCam become a product, this is great news for customers. I invented the first Sensecam in 1999, wanting to help people with severe memory problems. It is very good news that Microsoft Research can license this technology.
Licensed to OMG, Oxford Metrics Group, who do the special effects for the Harry Potter films.
OMG shares went up 26% on announcement of this deal with Microsoft:
OMG and Microsoft have been working on this deal since June 2009.
Official Announcement here
OMG contacted me in April 2008 asking if I was interested in working with them, I did wonder why!

15 October 2009
OMG plc
(“OMG” or the “Group”)
IP License Agreement with Microsoft
- Vicon signs license agreement with Microsoft to develop new medical technology -
OMG plc, Oxford Metrics Group (LSE: OMG), (“OMG” or “the Group”) the technology group providing
image understanding products for the entertainment, defence, life science and engineering industries
announced today that it has signed an intellectual property (“IP”) license agreement with Microsoft
The agreement will allow the Group’s Vicon arm, which develops motion capture products for the life
science, engineering and entertainment industries, to manufacture and sell devices incorporating
Microsoft’s SenseCam technology worldwide.
SenseCam is a wearable digital camera that takes photographs automatically, without user
intervention. Developed by Microsoft Research Cambridge, the device is most commonly used by
medical researchers as an aid for people with memory loss, but has great potential in a number of
different application areas. Research into these areas will be possible now that it will be more widely
Vicon will unveil a new device, which is based on the existing SenseCam technology on its stand
#1413 at the annual Neuroscience Conference in Chicago on 17-21 October.
Ahead of the device launch OMG plc Chief Executive Officer, Nick Bolton, said:
“I’d like to thank Microsoft and Microsoft Research Cambridge for allowing Vicon to get involved in
such an important product that can support a variety of researchers, including those investigating
memory-loss. It’s an honour to work with Microsoft and to build on the amazing work they have done
with SenseCam over the past five years.
“This IP license agreement means we’re the first company to be able to deliver Microsoft’s ground
breaking technology to a wider audience. All of us at OMG look forward to working closely with
Microsoft and the researchers that have been using SenseCam Project technology and continuing to
move it forward.”
Andrew Herbert, Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director, Microsoft Research
Cambridge said:
“Microsoft’s willingness to license intellectual property arising from its research enables partner
companies to bring innovative products to market. This agreement represents the next stage in the life of SenseCam and will bring the device to a broader community.”

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