Friday 23 August 2013

Technology Strategy Board - £2.4B Grants

In May 2011 I published  some details of Technology Strategy Board grants for £635 Million over 3 years, more details here.
On August 16th 2013 the Technology Strategy Board released the figures for £2.4B of government from 2007 to 2013  spending on a spreadsheet,  click   Research and Development Grants. Then click on  "Collaborative" link.  This covered over 15,000 grants, many companies with multiple awards.

The crucial data omitted is those companies that were turned down, e.g. support for renewable energy in smaller companies.  This is rather like Kickstarter omitting the rejections as well. This would be really helpful for smaller companies. I have requested this from the TSB.

The spreadsheet  covers:
TSB Competition name
Company names, location
Amount in £
Project name
Research area e.g. Low Carbon,  Aerospace, Universities, Assisted Living. 

some top investments

Rolls Royce £182M
Airbus £65M
High Value Manufacturing Technology Innovation Centre £57M
The National Composites Centre (£57M)
National Renewable Energy Centre Limited  - total £45M inc offshore wind
Glasgow City Management System £24M
Microsoft ( research and other  projects  £3,044,870
BBC £2,333,696

Please let me know if any errors.

I will be doing further analysis so perhaps bookmark this page.

Other grant applications include:

Cambridge companies, at least £ 9,655,139

Space Burials (£8000, Pauling Ltd),
Making Musical Mood Metadata (Queen Mary University, £144,000),
Snake Skin (Remotec, £3900),
Making Chilli Oil (Miss Wills Pickles, £5,000)
The Guardian ( Interesting Stuff +, (sic)  £32, 559)

There are at least 19 music grants and 48 games designs grants.

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